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Coronado by La Flor

Released in 2006, the Coronado was a new brand for La Flor Dominicana.  The line is composed of five vitolas, all pretty large sizes. The Corona Especial is the smallest at 47 x 5-3/4, while the Double Corona is middle sized. The whopping Corona Gorda is a massive 60 x 7. Even though its the middle-weight, the Double Corona takes several hours to smoke, but in our opinion is the best of the line.

But lacking the LFD identification, it never seemed to garner a major following, and in 2013 La Flor Dominicana announced that the Coronado would be discontinued. Two years later though, the cigar was brought back with new LFD branding.

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Cloaked in a gorgeous, oily reddish brown wrapper, the Coronado is a beauty. The elegant gold and burgandy band really contrasts well with the wrapper.

Well constructed and very firm, the cigar can exhibit a slightly tight draw to begin with, but once lit it opens up nicely. Pre-light flavor is leather and wood with a light sweetness.


As the stick burns, large volumes of bluish-white smoke billow from the end. The smoke is pungent to the bystander, but otherwise is smooth, creamy and flavorful. The burn is somewhat meandering with a thick burn line that wanders, but no major burn problems. The remaining ash is flaky and a bit messy, so be forewarned.


Immediately, this cigar puts your tastebuds to work. Pepper tingles the tongue, while a meaty flavor follows behind. The pepper falls off a bit leaving an earthy, leathery flavor with a bit of sweetness.

As the second third is reached, the earth and leather continues, with the pepperiness alternating in strength.

As the final third is reached, little has changed. Occasionally the sweetness will strengthen and then fade back. The Coronado remains full bodied but smooth all through the smoke and does have a nicotine kick. Even though this is a long smoke, try not to rush it. The cigar will heat up and the wonderful balance of flavors will turn bitter. So give yourself a couple of hours to enjoy this cigar.

The Coronado by La Flor is a meaty, peppery, complex and full bodied smoke. Give yourself the afternoon off and just enjoy this one.


STRENGTH     1  2  3  4  5


COUNTRY OF ORIGIN    Dominican Republic


Wrapper:     Nicaragua Sun Grown Habano

  Binder:     Dominican Republic

Filler:     Dominican Republic



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