Illusione cg:4 White Horse

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A high quality cigar from Illusione, conceptualized by owner Dion Giolito and produced in the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras. These small batch cigars have impeccable construction and a unique flavor profile

illusione cg4 stick horizontal


The cg:4 is an appealing cigar in looks, construction and aroma. The reddish brown wrapper is mottled slightly and has some veining, but it is fairly insignificant. A triple cap adorns this stick and is well done. The simple black on white band is crisp against the reddish hue of the wrapper.

The scent off the wrapper is luscious, sort of a spiced cocoa with some sweet tobacco. There is a tangy pungency there also, and more so at the foot.

A punch or clip is clean, and a cold draw is excellent, providing a sweetness on the lips and a tobacco flavor.


It didn't take long to toast the foot and fire this stick up. Throughout the smoke the burn line wavered a little here and there, but didn't require any touchups. The fine burn line left a medium gray ash that stayed pretty tight to the cigar. The fragrance coming from the bluish-white smoke was remarkably exotic.


This is one flavorful stick. Initial flavors don't take too long to get rolling and engage the taste buds with a nuttiness, sweet cocoa, and a toastiness, all over the top of an earthy leather base. There are some java coffee notes thrown in there for good measure.

The flavors continue to layer over each other along with a new one that is difficult to describe, as the cigar progresses towards the middle. The finish stays sweet and the smoke stays cool right up to the end. Little bits of cedar creeped into the flavor in the last third, and the cigar remained in the medium full range for strength. This is one stick you will smoke until you burn your fingers.

Bottom line is, the cg:4 is a very interesting smoke.  A unique flavor profile, excellent construction and a perfect draw make this cigar worth searching out.


STRENGTH     1  2  3  4  5




Wrapper:     Nicaragua Rosado Oscuro Corojo

  Binder:     Nicaragua

Filler:     Nicaragua Corojo '99 and Criollo '98



Cigars Toasty Nutty 333Cigars EarthyLeathery 333Cigars Spice 333



Glenlivit Nadurra

For a very different experience, pair the cg:4 with Nadurra. The Nadurra also has a complex flavor profile and the spices between the two will intertwine and play little symphonies for your taste buds. The aromas of the malt and the cigar are also similar, and add to the sensory experience. Make sure you allow the finish of the Nadurra to fade off before you puff on the cigar, the lingering malt flavors will remain, but the alcohol won't overpower the smoke.