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Don Pepin Garcia

Blue (Original) - Generosos

Don Pepin cigars are made in the old Cuban fashion in Miami, Florida. A full bodied cigar with a unique composition and blend, the Blue label has an enjoyable flavor and exquisite aroma with an excellent burn rate.

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The Blue Label uses an amazing cinnamon brown corojo wrapper, silky smooth and finished with a Cuban triple cap.  The feel of the cigar is firm with a little give, but not spongy. An excellent cold draw reveals earthy, spicy flavors.


The cigar produces a great amount of aromatic smoke, and even though the draw was a bit uneven, it was never problematic.  A light grey ash is produced which is fairly solid.


Easily toasted and lit, the Blue Label hits you with earth and cinnamon-clove spices right away, while pepper tickles the back of your throat. A great beginning to a wonderful smoke.

Easing up a bit in the middle, the chocolate and coffee flavors enter the picture and the smoke gets creamier.  Pepper continues to come and go especially in the finish.

As a finale, the pepper ramps up again and really is noticeable on the lips and tongue. But the cigar is never harsh, and you are left with a smooth and creamy flavor that lasts a long time.

A master at blending tobaccos, Don Pepin's Blue Label delivers a rich, complex smoke that will be sure to be smoked to the nub every time.


STRENGTH     1  2  3  4  5




Wrapper:     Nicaragua - Corojo Oscuro

  Binder:     Nicaragua - Criollo

Filler:     Nicaragua - Criollo, Corojo



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