CAO Brazilia Lambada

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CAO - Brazilia Lambada

CAO's find of this fabulous dark wrapper leaf from Brazil probably single-handedly renewed interest in Brazilian cigars in the US market. The flavorful wrapper gives the Brazilia a full bodied richness that carries a long and spicy finish.

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Unlit, this cigar is pretty exotic looking.  The dark, veiny and oily wrapper with its earth and coffee scents, contrasted by the colorful band is suggestive of the steamy South American tropics where it was born.

The Brazilia is a very tight stick, and pretty hefty in the hand. A clip and a cold draw exhibits a peaty, earthy taste and good airflow - highlighting its excellent construction.


Large volumes of smoke are produced from an effortless draw, unexpected for such a tightly constructed stick.  The burn line is not razor sharp, but acceptable, leaving a tight gray ash.


The exotic nature of the Brazilian wrapper reveals itself right away with bittersweet chocolate flavors in the first few puffs. These give way to rich, dark coffee flavors and a noticeable sweetness through the first third.

The Brazilia mellows out in the middle, adding more earthiness and less coffee.

Near the end, the cigar returns to the earthy espresso flavor, this time with a creaminess that fills the mouth. Sweet vanilla and chocolate notes in the smoke create a smooth richness that reminds one of a dark cappucino drink.  A very exotic, rich and rewarding after dinner cigar.


STRENGTH     1  2  3  4  5




Wrapper:     Brazil

  Binder:     Nicaragua

Filler:     Nicaragua



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Talisker 10 Year Old

This matchup is interesting as the peppery Talisker is actually quieted and sweetened, and spice notes are enhanced in the cigar. The Talisker and the Brazilia are strong flavored, which makes this pairing successful, as a strong single malt can easily overpower a lesser cigar.



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