Ashton Cabinet Pyramid

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Ashton Cabinet Pyramid


The "White Burgundy" of cigars, this stogie gets its richness from aging in French Oak barrells. The Ashton  Cabinet includes no less than six different tobaccos and has a complex and well-rounded flavor.

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This cigar is cloaked in an incredible palamino colored Connecticut shade wrapper, aged just perfectly and constructed impeccably well. The wrapper is slightly oily and has a bit of tooth to it. The perfectly formed tip easily clips off producing an excellent cold draw.


A slightly erratic burn is mostly self-correcting and the draw is excellent.


The Cabinet starts out with a strong, dry clove-like spice flavor which can be a tad bitter, but fades quickly into the mild nutty flavor that becomes the base for this cigar. As the burn progresses, a sweet spicy aroma appears out of the smoke and the flavor gets creamier and nuttier moving into the medium strength range.

An occasional pepper tingle will appear at the back of the throat, but overall the flavor range is creamy and lightly spiced.

Created almost thirty years ago by Robert Levin of Holt's Cigar Company and Carlos Fuente Jr., the blend has been one of the staples of the Ashton Brand, and remains a very elegant and distinguised cigar to this day.


Strength   1 2 3 4 5


Country of Origin   Dominican Republic


Wrapper:  USA Connecticut Shade

Binder:  Dominican Republic

Filler:  Dominican Republic


Cigars Toasty Nutty 333Cigars Spice 333  

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