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Alec Bradley 

Prensado - Robusto

Released in early 2009, the Prensado is Alec Bradley's newest hit and their strongest cigar to date. It is a box-pressed Cubanesque style cigar with a triple cap and a brand new wrapper. This cigar was built around the sweetness and the strength of the Corojo 2006 wrapper, and provides a rich, balanced, complex smoke.
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Releaed in five vitolas, Corona Gorda, Robusto, Churchill, Gran Toro, and Torpedo, the Prensado is a box pressed beauty. The maduro colored wrapper is oily with light veining. The stick is well constructed, firm throughout and is triple capped.

The wrapper scent is sweet and the pre-light draw was smooth but firm.  A light cocoa flavor is apparent on the cold draw.


This stick burns like a smokestack, large volumes of blue smoke billow from the end. We love the chocolate aroma that appears periodically in the smoke. The burn is somewhat meandering with a thick burn line that wanders, but no major burn problems. The remaining ash is flaky and alternates light and dark gray in color.


Immediately, this cigar puts out a burst of flavor. Dark espresso like coffee flavors, with spice and black pepper hit the tongue and back of throat within the first few puffs. As the first third progresses, the dark flavors evolve into a sweeter mocha coffee while the smoke turns smooth and creamy.

In the middle, the chocolatey sweetness continues to sweeten with the spice mellowing out in a medium to full body strength.

As the final third is reached, the spice re-emerges and the finish picks up some pepper. Throughout the cigar, the smoke remains consistently smooth and cool.

Alec Bradley has another hit on their hands following the Tempus, as the Prensado is smooth, complex and flavorful.


STRENGTH     1  2  3  4  5




Wrapper:     Honduras Corojo 2006

  Binder:     Nicaragua Jalapa

Filler:     Nicaragua, Honduras


AWARDS    Cigar Aficionado 2011 Cigar of the Year



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