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Just because the flavor is lighter doesn't mean these cigars are any less complex or full bodied. You won't find any maduro wrappers in this collection as that sends the cigar lover off into chocolate/coffee land, but these Connecticut Shade wrappers are just as gorgeous and flavorful.

While we have associated individual cigars with specific single malts and chocolates, by all means please experiment on your own. Everyone's taste preferences are unique, and we offer these pairings as a basis for your own experiences.

Click on the boxes below to go to the detail page for more information and the individual single malt and chocolate pairings.

ashton cabinet box   Ashton HPS box   avo domaine 50 box

Ashton Cabinet


Ashton Heritage Puro Sol


AVO Domaine 50

Ashton took their time developing this well-made flavorful cigar. With solid flavors of pepper and nuts, and a nice creamy character this is a favorite of many smokers. The Cabinet Selection has Dominican filler and binder and a beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapper.


The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is a cigar steeped in the tradition and honor of two legendary cigar families, the Fuentes and Meerapfels. It bears the name Puro Sol because the wrapper, filler and binder are made from 100% sun grown tobaccos. This exquisite cigar marks the first time a Cameroon wrapper has surrounded an Ashton blend and the results are stunning.


The AVO Domaine series was created especially for connoisseurs and enthusiasts who know how to enjoy cigars with a rich flavor. The exquisite AVO cigars are made from select Piloto Cubano tobaccos, specially fermented and matured in the Dominican Republic.

The mild nutty flavor is achieved by combining the best Olor binder leaf from the Villa Gonzalez region with a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

davidoff grand cru3 box   davidoff mil blend box   dunhill sr toro box

Davidoff Grand Cru No. 3


Davidoff Millenium Blend


Dunhill Signed Range

 The robust Grand Cru No. 3 is a classic corona format, which is very popular among connoisseurs.  With its balance of length and diameter, the corona format provides a pleasurable smoking experience. The special blend makes the Grand Cru No. 3 a medium strength cigar with an attractive, aromatic and harmonious flavor. The delicate blend of salty Olor, acidic San Vicente, and peppery Piloto Cubano tobaccos provides an incredible explosion of delicate toasty notes.


Encased in beautiful Ecuadorian sun-grown wrappers, the Millenium Blend is Davidoff's most full-flavored line of cigars.


The Nicaraguan Dunhill Signed Range cigar combines Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos with an African Cameroon binder and a Cuban seed Nicaraguan wrapper to produce a balanced blend that is worthy of the prestige of the Dunhill name. These cigars are all aged a minimum of three years and come medium to full bodied and loaded with flavors. The construction and draw are perfect as one would expect from a Dunhill.

elreydelmundoflordellaneza   illusione cg4 box

El Rey del Mundo Flor de Llaneza


Illusione cg:4


La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami

A testimonial to the skills of Frank Llaneza, perhaps the world's most accomplished purveyor of Havana-style tobaccos, Senor Estello Padron, formerly of Habana, Cuba and Senor Manuel Zavala, master cigar maker.   Superb Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers and long Havana Seed filler tobaccos are melded by world-famous Palicio craftsmen into a memorable smoking experience.


The concept behind Illusione Cigars was to re-create a specific taste profile from years past.  All Illusione cigars are made from first generation Corojo 99, Criollo 98 seeds, wrapped with a grade one Café Colorado wrapper, and finished with a traditional triple cap in the premier Raices Cubanas factory. Illusione cigars deliver a taste and a quality of smoke rarely found in today`s market. All of Illusione cigars are made in small-batch quantities to maintain quality and consistency.


The all new La Gloria Artesanos de Miami is made by only 10 rollers in Miamis Little Havana. This all new blend is 6 years in the making and is very limited in production. This blend celebrates La Glorias El Credito Factory 40th Anniversary. 

macanudo doy box   onyx reserve box
  Padilla1932 box

Macanudo Café Duke of York


Onyx Reserve


Padilla Signature 1932

Produced today in the Dominican Republic as well as in Jamaica, Macanudos are made with a flavorful Dominican blend and a select binder grown in the rich San Andrés Tuxtla Valley of Mexico.

To assure you of the same smoothness in cigar after cigar, only the makers of Macanudo spend the time and effort it takes to grow, cure and age their own Connecticut Shade, the most sought-after tobacco for premium cigar wrappers. In addition, only the makers of Macanudo age all of their tobaccos twice, just as it used to be done in Havana during the golden age of Cuban cigars.


A highly rated line of box pressed maduros, the Onyx Reserve line is medium bodied with a long, sweet finish.

An extra aging process in the fermentation of the wrapper gives this cigar its blackened appearance, a toasty aroma, and a finish that is sweet. 


The Signature 1932 was created by Ernesto Padilla as a tribute to his fatther Heberto Padilla, a well known Cuban writer and poet.  A Nicaraguan puro, this cigar features a gorgeous corojo wrapper, and was originally blended and manufactured by José Pepin Garcia for Padilla.

rp renaissance box   rockypatel v1992 box
  RockyPatel1999Rob box

Rocky Patel Renaissance


Rocky Patel Vintage 1992


Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut

Rocky Patel's Renaissance, with its silky Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and blend of rare Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers is a spicy, rich and decadent cigar -  smooth, balanced and medium to full bodied. Initially released in 2008, the Renaissance is made at the El Paraiso factory in Danli, Honduras and is produced in limited quanities to maintain its high quality of construction and flavor.


Medium to full bodied, this blend of rare aged tobacco has a perfect balance of flavor, complexity, and richness. A very enticing smoke with bold flavors that consist of strong noted of coffee and cedar with a long earthy finish. The 10 year old Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper along with the 5 year old filler and binder are a perfect compliment of strength and complexity. This cigar is recommended for the seasoned smoker that is in pursuit of a rare vintage smoke.


A Mild to Medium Bodied Smoke that is extraordinarily smooth with alot of complexity. With creamy undertones, this cigar consists of a 7 year old true Connecticut wrapper.


* See each specific malt and cigar tasting note page for individual pairing recommendations.  Flavor bars on each page serve as a quick visual key to tasting.