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 Floral and herbal notes are another very elusive characteristic in cigars and are sometimes discerned from the aroma of the smoke, or are prominent enough to appear as a flavor. It has also been described as a general "perfuminess". We also included these other flavors/aromas in this section - Grass, Hay, Moss, Tea, Vegetal. See if you can pick them out in these cigars, as we have. Click on the box for more detail about the individual cigar.



davidoff grand cru3 box


La Aurora Classic Box 

Davidoff Grand Cru No. 3


 El Rey del Mundo Flor de Llaneza


La Aurora Classic

It is with these shapes that Zino Davidoff launched his original line of cigars in 1946. Packaged in wooden cabinet boxes, the five shapes of the Grand Cru line, ranging from the Petite Corona to the Grand Corona, are made from a rich and full-bodied blend of tobaccos - a pleasure for any cigar lover. Connoisseurs are delighted by its wealth of flavors and aroma. The harmonious proportions of diameter and length mean a balanced smoke.
A testimonial to the skills of Frank Llaneza, perhaps the world's most accomplished purveyor of Havana-style tobaccos, Senor Estello Padron, formerly of Habana, Cuba and Senor Manuel Zavala, master cigar maker.   Today's El Rey del Mundo ranks among the finest cigars ever made in terms of quality, consistency and flavor.  Superb Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers and long Havana Seed filler tobaccos are melded by world-famous Palicio craftsmen into a memorable smoking experience.    La Aurora is the oldest cigar made in the Dominican Republic grown in the same fields of the Cibao Valley for over 3 generations. In fact, La Auroras are like a national treasure down there - it is the best selling brand within the country. Those who have discovered this brand know it as a smooth and mild steady workhorse of a cigar - always dependable and delicious. La Aurora has been using Dominican-grown leaves from the same fields in the Cibao Valley region for over three generations - a testament to its consistency.

* See each specific malt and cigar tasting note page for individual pairing recommendations.  Flavor bars on each page serve as a quick visual key to tasting.