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Cigar Flavors

Bet you didn't think we could do it! But cigars have flavors too, so why not group them together. These are flavors that are naturally occurring in cigars, nothing artificial here.

 You always see comparisons between cigars, but you have never had a resource like this before. We have taken some of the best cigars out there and grouped them according to flavor. Seems simple huh?


Cigars Floral Herbal 333 Cigars Toasty Nutty 333 Cigars Woody 333 Cigars HoneyVanilla 333 cigars caramel 275 Cigars Cocoa Java 333 Cigars EarthyLeathery 333 Cigars Pepper 333 Cigars Spice 333 Cigars DriedFruits 333


And we are just getting started so keep checking back to see which new cigars get added to the flavor collections. Like the single malts, in our system you simply click on your favorite flavor bar, and a collection of cigars with that flavor note appears for your further exploration. Of course there will be some interpretation involved, but that's where the fun comes in.

Plus, each cigar is also matched up (or paired) with our indulgent single malt and chocolate selections for the ultimate tasting experience.  Also, look for the flavor bars on each individual cigar pages to see which other collections they belong to, and experience another set of flavor pairings.


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