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Remember Dutch Masters, Muriel, Swisher and White Owl? Those were your fathers cigars! The new American cigar brands Don Pepin Garcia, La Gloria Cubana, Nat Sherman and Padilla are making the scene with full cuban-esque strength and flavor. The examples below are made in the good old US of A! Click through for more detail, and watch for our report on the history of cigars in America coming soon!

donpepingarciablue   lgcmiami2    Padilla1932 box

Don Pepin Garcia Blue


La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami


Padilla Signature 1932

Made in the old Cuban fashion in Miami, Florida. Don Pepin was Cuba`s most respected rollers when he fled the country. Don Pepin has set up shop with some of the finest rollers around. Try some of these full bodied cigars and you will swear they are straight from the Island.


The all new La Gloria Artesanos de Miami is made by only 10 rollers in Miamis Little Havana. This all new blend is 6 years in the making and is very limited in production. This blend celebrates La Glorias El Credito Factory 40th Anniversary.


The Signature 1932 was created by Ernesto Padilla as a tribute to his fatther Heberto Padilla, a well known Cuban writer and poet.  A Nicaraguan puro, this cigar features a gorgeous corojo wrapper, and was originally blended and manufactured by José Pepin Garcia for Padilla.


* See each specific malt and cigar tasting note page for individual pairing recommendations.  Flavor bars on each page serve as a quick visual key to tasting.

Header photo credit: Larry Jogerst