Cigar Regions

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Cigar Regions

Well of course, cigars come from different regions too!

Here's another resource for you cigar lovers. We have taken the sixteen (16) major cigar or cigar tobacco producing regions of the world and mapped them out for you. Didn't know you were in for a geography lesson did you!

But even better yet, we have organized our cigar selections according to these regions so you can smoke your way from one country to the next.

Cigar Region Map

brazil pic   brazilian flag costarica pic   costarica flag
cuba pic   cuban flag domrep pic
  dominican flag
ecuador pic   ecuador flag honduras pic   honduran flag
indonesia pic
  indonesian flag italy pic   Italy flag
mexico pic   mexican flag netherlands pic   Netherlands flag
nicaragua pic   nicaraguan flag phillipines pic   Phillipines flag
spain pic   Spain flag turkey pic   turkey flag
usa pic   us flag venezuela pic   Venezuela flag

Cigars and cigar tobacco are produced primarily in Central and South American countries with the largest producer being the Dominican Republic. While some of these tobacco producing countries are known more for their tobacco production than their cigars, each country does produce several of its own brands.

Click on the images and/or names of the regions to be transported to the exotic cultures, histories and brands associated with that region.


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