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You have never experienced Scottish Single Malt Whisky like this before!


Our keen tasters have created a new system for finding your favorite dram. Of the hundreds of single malt whiskies on the market, we have selected a range of malts that exhibit unique characteristics, and combined them in collections of like flavors.


Flavor Floral 275 Flavor Malt 333 Flavor Nutty 275 flavor honey 333 Flavor Caramel 275 Flavor Cacao 333 Flavor Smoky 275 Flavor Medicinal 275 flavor pepper 333 flavor spice 333 Flavor OrgSherry 333 Flavor Fruit 333


Say you absolutely love the honey, cream and spices of the Speyside whiskies, but don't know which other malts are similar. In our system you simply click on the "Honey-Vanilla" flavor bar, and a collection of single malts with that honey richness appears for your further exploration.

Each single malt is also matched up (or paired) with our indulgent chocolate, cigar, and food selections for the ultimate tasting experience.  Look for the flavor bars on each individual malt to see which other collections they belong to, and experience another set of flavor pairings.

Try it by clicking on your favorite single malt flavor above, and welcome to Sip Smoke Savor's world of flavor pairings.


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