Yamazaki 18 Year Old

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Yamazaki 18 Year Old



Released in 1994, the Yamazaki 18 year old quickly ascended to "classic" status with rave reviews by the whisky community. Rich, sweet and full bodied, this is a malt to be enjoyed without distraction. There is a great mouth feel once on the palate, and the warming, drying finish is interesting. The combination of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and Japanese mizunara oak casks impart a unique twist on the otherwise "Speyside" style to this whisky.

Color:  Deep amber.

Nose:  Expressive citrus, dried fruits, burnt sugar, and cereal.  Sherry evident on nose and palate.

Body:  Full and complex.

Palate:  Sweet oranges, dried fruits, vanilla, malt, cognac and spice. Hint of peat and smoke behind all of that.

Finish: Long and dry.

ABV:  43%

Awards:   BTI 2006 Platinum Medal (97 points), Double Gold IWSC 2006 Gold Best in Class, Double Gold 2009 SFWSC



Flavor OrgSherry 333



Since this is a very fruity whisky, so we chose to emphasize the malt, oak and nutty flavors which are accentuated nicely by both the Rio Caribe and Miel bonbons.  Rio Caribe has more fudginess with its praline filling and Miel tends to bring out additional sweet honey notes in this very fine malt whisky.  



Arturo Fuente Añejo 

The sweet molasses and cognac flavors merge well with the dried fruit and burnt sugar notes of the Yamazaki. Pepper and spice on the finish adds just the right extra touch to make this a dynamite pairing.