Oban 14 Year Old

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Oban 14 Year Old

Western Highlands


This classic single malt is refreshing and gentle, but possesses good energy and balance. A marriage of Island character and soft and fruity Highlands, the palate is rich and rewarding. Look for the peat notes and mild smoky finish.

Color:  Full gold.

Nose:  Seaside influenced, and peaty, but rich and sweet with oranges, lemons and pears.

Body:  Full and rich.

Palate:  Mouth filling late autumn fruits, dried figs and honey-sweet spices, followed by a mild smoky malty dryness.

Finish: Long, smooth and sweet.

ABV:  43%

Awards:   ISC 2010 Bronze, ISC 2009 Silver, IWSC 2007-2008 Silver, IWSC S2014 Silver Outstanding, IWSC 2009 Gold, SFWSC 2003-2004, 2007, 2009, 2014 Silver, SFWSC 2016 Gold, The Scotch Whisky Master 2009 Gold, Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016 95 Point



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Chuao - Morocho, Wild Truffle and Candela

A supremely easy malt to pair, we have selected three bon bons to bring out varying notes of this classic.  Morocho brings out that hint of fruit, while Wild Truffle brings out the malt's overall sweetness.  Candela's smokiness makes for another perfect companion.