Lagavulin 16 Year Old

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lagavulin 16 year old

Lagavulin 16 Year Old



There's nothing rushed about Islay, nor is there about Lagavulin; before being bottled, the malt spends sixteen unhurried years breathing the sea-air of Islay, mainly in refill European oak casks kept in traditional white-painted warehouses by the sea shore. Long fermentation, long distillation and long maturation together ensure that Lagavulin develops all of its long, rich, peaty character.

Color:  Amber

Nose:  Pungent with smoke, peat and slight sherry sweetness.

Body:  Robust and well balanced.

Palate:  Rich and intensely dry. Sherry trace quickly offset by seaweed, deep peat and smoke.

Finish: Long and assertive finish. Saltiness emerges; smoke and peat linger.

ABV:  43%

Awards: SFWSC 2010 Gold Medal,  2007 IWSC Gold Best in Class; 2007 SFWS Double Gold



flavor smoke 333Flavor Medicinal 275



Chuao - Black & White, Wild Truffle & Candela



Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro

The malty taste gristy feel of Black & White draw out the raw peat notes while the Candela complements this dram's smokiness.  Wild Truffle provides a simple velvety rich dark chocolatey sweetness to be enjoyed with this scotch.



What makes this classic combination work is the clean tobacco, leather and wood flavors with just a touch of spice pairing with the seaweed and peat in the Lagavulin.