Glenfiddich 21 Year Old

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glenfiddich 21 year old

Glenfiddich 21 Year Old



Glenfiddich has a tradition of  maturing in rum casks.  For this expression they turn to the casks of the Carribean for their finish.  

A brief four month seems to be all it takes to add rum's vibrant toffee and vanilla notes to that unmistakable Glenfiddich signature flavor.  The many harmonious layers of flavors and aged smoothness equal the recipe for a real winner.

Color:  Gold

Nose:  Sweetish ripe white fruits, carmelized sugar and sultana dates.

Body:  Medium body, slightly oily.

Palate:  Dried fruit developing creme brulee, coffee, malt and heather flavors.

Finish:  Sweet, drying on the finish with bittersweet chocolate, citrus and ginger notes.

ABV:  40%

Awards:  SFWSC 2010 Double Gold Medal, IWSC 2007 Silver Medal

Flavor Cacao 333Flavor Malt 333    


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