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Ardbeg Correyvreckan



Its been a long time since any expression has been released to such award fanfare and we agree that Corry is every bit as good as is claimed.  This invigorating youngster has a proverbial cauldron of flavors befitting it name.  Corryvreckan refers to the maelstrom of waters in the strait between the islands of Jura and Scarba on the Argyll coast of Scotland.  These waters are famous for its whirlpool which is believed to be the third largest in the world.

Color:  Golden

Nose:  Maritime influence is immediate.  Stringent creosote gives way to sweet dark cherries and over-ripe berries, settling to an earthy, yet fresh, essence of pine needles.  Peat is present but not overwhelming.

Body:  Powerful for its age.

Palate:  Flavors of the sea dissolve into notes of anise and pepper.  Like the aroma, sweet over-ripe dark cherries and berries emerge, giving way to chocolate and liquorice.  Peat is well integrated and adds a depth and toastiness rather than an overt smokiness to this dram.

Finish:  Long dry and spicy finish.

ABV:  57.1% but rich not astringent

Awards: Malt Advocate Single Malt of the Year 2010, SFWSC Best Single Malt 2010, Whisky Magazine's World's Best Single Malt 2010


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Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao - Framboise and Dark Grignottine

While the many flavors of this whisky make it easy to pair, we chose Framboise and Dark Grignottine to accentuate the fruit flavors that emerge in the middle of this flavor maelstrom.  Framboise's raspberry pate blends seamlessly with those berry flavors while the orange peel of the Dark Grignottine bring out a citrusy freshness of fruit.  The dark chocolate of both bonbons accentuate the chocolatey notes of this scotch.


Suggested Cigar Pairing

Cain Habano

An all ligero cigar that is powerful enough to counter the strength of this malt.  With Correyvreckan, the Cain highlights the black cherry notes and brings an earthiness to the combination.