anCnoc 12 Year Old

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anCnoc 12 Year Old

Eastern Highlands 


anCnoc is gaelic for the hill and summons a wonderful picture of the southern slope of Knock hill from which the spring waters for this scotch flow.

Created by Inver House Distillers this Highlander follows the typical unpeated style of the region and is smooth, soft but not too flowery or sweet. This inexpensive malt makes for a delicate apertif and is excellent in cocktails.

Color: Light Yellow

Nose: Honey, Amaretto and sweet pineapple notes

Body: Light body slightly creamy

Palate: Fruity, toasted almonds, malt, ginger and vanilla.

Finish: Medium finish at first sweet then dry with hint of oak and spices

ABV: 40 %

flavor honey 333Flavor Nuts 333  

Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao - Miel and Black & White

Both of these bonbons work to accentuate the almond nuttiness of this whisky.  Miel also brings out more of the honey sweetness, while Black & White plays well with the malt and oak notes of this dram.


Suggested Cigar Pairing