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Scotch Whisky Cocktails


gentleman contest

Make With: 

The Glenrothes 

Select Reserve 


The Last Gentleman Standing

May Kongsrivilai of Bon Vivant in Edinburgh showcases her skills as a top mixologist with this drink that  won over 16 other cocktails in the first annual  "The Glenrothes Ultimate Gentleman's Cocktail Contest".  Held in the wonderful Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland last December, this contest challenged local bartenders to create a Glenrothes based cocktail in  three minutes using a limit of six other ingredients. 

May's first place winner called "The Last Gentleman Standing" could easily become a classic.  Tasty and not too sweet, the contents blend beautifully with the Glenrothes Select Reserve.  We also like this cocktail because the ingredients are easy to find and it is simple to make.


Makes 1 drink

40 ml The Glenrothes Select Reserve (1 1/4 oz.)

12.5ml Green Chartreuse (2.5 tsp)

20ml 2001 Noval Tawny Port (4 tsp)

1 barspoon Kirsch Vasser (5ml or 1 tsp.) (which was steeped with Morello cherries)

Garnish with three Morrello cherries


  Stir all ingredients, squeeze in orange zest then discard.  Garnish with cherries. 



urban smore

Make With:

Laphroaig 10 year old or other 




Urban Smore 

chaseThe perfect wintery cocktail, Urban Smore placed second in a recent San Francisco Laphroaig cocktail challenge.  With the warmth of hot cocoa at its base, Laphroaig's depth and smokiness comes through in a rich and warming way.  A surprising mix of ingredients was conjured up by Chase Williamson, a truly inspired mixologist who currently manages the bar at the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco.  Chase competes frequently to push his craft to the limit.  The inspiration for this liquid confection came as his first taste of Laphroaig brought to mind camping on a beach and fixing smores by the campfire.  He worked at recreating that sensation and hit the mark with this inventive cocktail.


Makes 1 drink

2 oz Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa or other fine brand such as Chuao

1 oz Laphroaig 10 year old scotch

* 3/4 oz Rose water syrup (see directions below)

Dash vanilla extract

Top with rose infused slightly whipped cream



Mix cocoa according to directions. Add 2 ozs of extremely hot cocoa in to a mixing glass that already contains Scotch, rose syrup and vanilla.  Stir well to incorporate the syrup.  Pour into cup or Irish Coffee glass.  Spoon on the rose infused cream.

* Rose Syrup:  1 part water, 3/4 part sugar, dried roses.  Boil all ingredients for about 10 minutes.  Allow roses to sit in the syrup as it cools.  Leave for at least one hour. 

For the whipped cream, allow the dried roses to sit in the un-whipped cream for 30 minutes.  Strain and hand whip until frothy.  Pour on top over the back of a bar spoon.

(Note:  If you cannot find dried roses in your specialty food store, buy baby roses and strip off the petals.  Heat in 400 degree oven very briefly, then let sit overnight.  Be careful not to brown the petals as this will leave a toasty taste and somewhat obscure the gentle rose flavor.)


partners ward iiipng

Ward III

Kenneth McCoy, Michael Neff, Abdul Tabini



WARD III Sip Smoke Savor Themed Bespoke Cocktails

In our first full year as a new website, we discovered many wonderful scotch libations, just a few of which have been published in this section.  But our most exciting experience by far was personally collecting on an offer to have a cocktail, "custom made" to reflect the character of our own Sip Smoke Savor website.

For the uninitiated, a "Bespoke" cocktail is one that is tailored made to a customer's tastes and personality.  Bespoke to me, harkens back to the days when the bar-keep not only "knows your name", but remembers exactly what you drink.  The guys of Ward III Tribeca, carry this notion a step further and the drink becomes personalized to you and then carries your name.  Their bespoke equation is simple: best seasonal ingredients, home made syrups, passion for their craft and creativity that knows no bounds.

 w3 interiorWard III opened in 2010.  The three owners had worked in various establishments in Tribeca which gave them a natural connection to the neighborhood.  What they also found in common was their love for the craft of cocktail making and a shared desire to deliver a great experience when you entered "their house".  Without a doubt, they are a success.  Qualities of warm aesthetics, great food and drink, along with personalized attention have all conspired to result in rave reviews from critics in a skeptical town of notable taverns.

Just who are these guys?

Kenneth McCoy's family heritage is the New York bar business, having grown up, working in his father's establishments in the 70's & 80's.  This second generation barkeep has worked in some of the most renowned bars in New York such as Bridge Cafe and Dylan Prime.  With 18 years in the business, he has also gained notoriety for scotch based concoctions and won the Iron Bartender Title at the Whisky Live event in 2010.

Michael Neff, though born and raised in Southern California, discovered the bar business in Seattle and never looked back.  In fifteen years, Neff has opened ten bars in three states as either Bar Manager or Consultant.  Finally as an owner, he has the chance to put his personal mark on an enterprise.

Abdul Tabini immigrated to New York from Casablanca and procured a position at the prestigous Odeon.  There he spent fourteen years as their primary bartender and mixologist until coming to Ward III.  His cocktails have been featured in books and articles and he has won various cocktail competitions.

Sip Smoke Savor found their Bespoke concept so fascinating, that we put all three partners to the test on our visit.  On the spot, they each designed a cocktail to reflect our website 's passion for scotch, fine cigars and chocolate.  Unfortunately Abdul's recipe was lost to posterity as our napkins notes didn't survive the evening.  We do know it made use of sheep dip scotch, Godiva liqueur, egg white and was garnished with a fragrant concoction of orange zest, rosemary and cinnamon.  In order to do justice to this recipe, we will just have to go back for another session at Ward III.

Kenneth McCoy's Bespoke Cocktail for Sip Smoke Savor

Fresh apple

1/4 oz. honey water

1 egg white

1/4 oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

2 oz. Auchentoshan Three Wood

1/2 oz Creole Shrubb (or any good quality orange liquer)

Muddle fresh apple into a mixing glass. Add all other ingredients and vigorously shake with crushed ice until egg white is foamy.  Strain into glass.

Michael Neff's Creation for Sip Smoke Savor

Muddled peach

1/2 oz fresh lemon

Dash fresh orange juice

1/2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

3/4 oz Auchentoshan Classic Scotch

3/4 oz Sheep Dip Scotch

1 egg white

Dash of orange bitters

Drizzle of Laphroaig for garnish

Muddle peach fruit directly into mixing glass.  Add all other ingredients except for Laphroaig and shake vigorously with crushed ice until egg white is foamy.  Strain and serve into glass.   Drizzle Laphroaig over top and garnish with a piece of chocolate bar.