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Make with Compass Box     "Peat Monster" or other suitably peated dram

Glaser's Gentleman's Jaunt

Peat lovers may want to put away the liquored eggnog and serve something more exciting this holiday.  Start a new tradition with this creamy caramel and smoky cocktail from Nick Strangeway.  A premixed batch of Gentleman's Jaunt will definitely make the Yuletide merrier and impress your most discriminating whisky drinking male and female guests.


This recipe couldn't be simpler, yet it is the perfect combination of surprise, complexity and deliciousness.  What else would we expect from pragmatic spirit's pioneer Nick Strangeway?  Considered by many to be one of the iconic barman of our times, Nick has been producing cocktail masterpieces since the early 90's.  Over the years he has been immersed in the beverage industry moving from behind the bar to management, then on to broader industry consultancy.  Notable achievements include the design of a craft spirits line for Absolut and parterning with famous restauranteurs including Mark Hix of Soho Hix restaurant in London.  If you'd like to know more about current activities here is a link to his website:


Below is the recipe for one of our  favorite peated whisky cocktails.  Rich and creamy, it was created for Compass Box and named for their whiskymaker John Glaser.


Makes 1 drink

2 oz. Compass Box Peat Monster whisky

1 oz. Salted Caramel or Cream Caramel liquer


Muscavado sugar and coase salt


Frost the rim of a rock's glass with a mixture of coarse salt and Muscavado sugar (a coarse brown sugar).  Add a few small cubes of ice to the glass. You may use regular brown sugar as a substitute but don't skip this step.


Shake ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker.  Pour carefully into a glass and add a little ice to keep it chilled.


Scotch Whisky Cocktail - Apple Turnover PDF Print E-mail






 Original recipe calls

for Speyburn 10 year old





Apple Turnover

With your first taste of Brad Farran's Apple Turnover, you'll marvel at how anyone could invoke such familiar and comforting flavors within the confines of a single Old Fashioned glass.  This drink is a liquid holiday celebration -  a flavor gift that just keeps giving.  Its not as sweet as it sounds; the apple, ginger, cinnamon notes subtly unfold with each sip in this sprightly and pefectly balanced scotch cocktail.   Farran was looking to create something that tasted like apple pie for his winter drink menu at the Clover Club in New York and we think this cocktail makes for that perfect seasonal specialty.



Brad knows his whisky.  While he may favor a Highland Park 18 year old or Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX to drink neat, he's not afraid to mix Laphroaig with lime, grenadine and green curry leaves.  Confessing a deep appreciation for this spirit, Brad regularily enjoys a single malt, both on its own merits and for the range of flavors he can use to explore for mixed drinks.


He also knows his cocktails.  Brad worked at the venerable Clover Club in New York for five years and was at the helm in 2010 when the club was annointed "One of the Best Bars in the World" by Esquire Magazine along with similar accolades from Gentlemen's Quarterly that same year. Brad can also be counted as one of Star Chef's "Rising Stars".  In addition to all this notoriety for his signature concept cocktails, he is known for celebrating legendary bartenders by reintroducing their classics to contemporary bar society.


Currently Farran is testing his own range as he designs the bar program for Garland, a brand new restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here he is challenged with pairing to the bold flavors of Indian and Asian food.  At Garland, he has opted to use lighter, lower proof spirits as a base while relying on infusions to create unique and interesting new flavors for their specialty drinks.


This modern flavor maven is actually more of a vintage soul.  When talking about his recent plans to open a new bar in Durhabrad-farranm, North Carolina, Farran's description of his concept is traditional not trendy. He imagines a place closer to that of the late 1800's hotel bars ala Savoy or Ritz, with that certain element of elegance, but without the pretension.  So looking beyond the chandeliers, vested waiters and classic drinks, his will be a place where the cocktails are always well made and the friendly vibe more corner neighborhood than Hollywood.  His aim is to revive that pre-prohibition period of time when bartenders were respected members of the communities, who really cared about their patrons.  Add to this theme an ongoing passion for flavor experimentation and it sounds like a winning combination. Stay tuned Durham, as Brad hopes to open his yet to be named establishment sometime in 2014.  


In the meantime, enjoy some holiday liquid magic with his recipe below.  It will be front and center on our Christmas drinks menu.



Makes 1 drink


1 oz. Speyburn 10 year old scotch

3/4 oz. lemon juice

1/2 oz. Berrentzen Apple liquer

1/2 oz. Daron Calvados

1/2 oz. cinnamon bark syrup

1/4 oz ginger juice





Simple Syrups


Cinnamon bark syrup: 

Try to find cinnamon bark as opposed to sticks as it has a more intense and not so sweet flavor.  Combine in a small pan - 2 cups sugar with 2 cups water and 1 oz. cinnamon bark roughly chopped.  Simmer 15 minutes over medium heat.  Remove from heat and store with cinnamon bark until cool. Strain out the bark and sediment before using.  If you cannot find cinnamon bark use double the amount of sticks and add a little ground cinnamon to taste...follow same directions as above.


Ginger juice:

Squeeze a large amount of fresh ginger root to extract the juice then combine with double the amount of sugar.  Gently heat just until sugar has dissoved (do not add water).  Remove immediately from heat and cool before using.  This works best if you have a juice extractor for the ginger.  If not, try Domaine Canton French Ginger liquer for a reasonable substitute.


When syrups have cooled, combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into a  chilled glass, garnish with a lemon wheel and serve.



Scotch Whisky Cocktail - Golden Dog PDF Print E-mail






 Mix with Talisker

10 Year Old





Golden Dog

Have you heard the one about the heavily accented New Yorker who tried to order a vintage Golden Dawn cocktail only it came out sounding like Golden Dog?  Matt Piacentini's jokingly playful idea ultimately resulted in an inspired scotch based spin-off of this 1930's classic drink. Starting with just the name, he worked with "Dawn's" apricot flavors resulting in a concoction much more intriguing than its sweet predecessor.  The subtle peat of Talisker is well played against the fruitiness of the liquer.  But it's just as much the Lillet Blanc and Benedictine that contribute layers of subtle spice in this combination of ingredients that is complex, sophisticated and extremely well balanced, as well as beautiful to behold.


We would have expected no less from a man who knows a thing or two about scotch.  Having been introduced to fine whisky at a young age by four older brothers, Matt made a conscious m-piacentinidecision early on to taste & learn. He wanted to thoroughly understand all the nuances of scotch.  But it wasn't until he was in his 30's that he found an everyday application for his expertise.  Following a successful career in Hollywood, being associated with such high profile series as NYPD Blue, Piacentini was approached by his best friend in 2007 to parner in a restaurant venture called Clyde Commons in Portland, Oregon.  Stepping behind the bar for the first time was so much fun, Matt never looked back.  Eventually relocating to New York City, he enjoyed two years of indulging in craft cocktail experimentation at Inoteca Liquori Bar before opening his second establishment "The Beagle" in NYC just two years ago.


Although it suspiciously sounds like he has a love for canines, The Beagle is actually named for the ship Charles Darwin sailed on his voyages of discovery.  With  Matt's maniacal focus on high quality ingredients and innovative cocktails, this enterprise has already become a destination on Manhattan's map with a World's Best Bar nod; no small achievement for a NYC joint that's barely reached its second birthday. No secret password gimmicks or novelty bar themes here, The Beagle offers an intimate setting to simply enjoy good friends, food and have a great drink.


Of course there would also be a respectable scotch menu at each of Piacentini's bars. He has confessed however that his favorite dram is not among these offereings but stashed away in his own private collection.  There one will find a prized 1984 Eduador single cask, extra matured in Pedro Ximenez sherry butts, picked up on a personal visit to that distillery.


When asked about his most memorable food pairing, Matt described a mouthwatering duo of Duck Breast Escabeche accompanied by a Compass Box Oak Cross whisky served at a recent tasting event.  This tasty combo pairs a citrusy vinaigrette with the oaky-briiney scotch...sounds like a flavor experiment gone very, very right.


As purveyors of fine food and spirits continue to look for ways to differentiate their establishments, Darwin probably had it right with his notion of survival of the fittest.  And if Matt continues to exercise his adventuresome palate wth sustained rigor for quality and innovation, we predict The Beagle will endure New York's food and cocktail scene for a very long time to come.  And by the way, when you stop by his bar on Avenue A, be sure to clearly pronounce it the Golden "Dog". That way you will be sure to receive the right cocktail and not that sweet 30's drink.



Makes 1 drink


1 1/2 oz. Talisker 10 year old scotch

1/2 oz. Rothman & Winter orchard apricot liquer

1/2 oz. Lillet Blanc

1/2 oz Benedictine





Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into a  chilled glass and serve.



Scotch Whisky Cocktail - Black Sabbath PDF Print E-mail



Photo by Virginia Miller



 Mix with Laphroaig

10 Year Old


Click here for Laphroaig tasting notes


Black Sabbath

What do a famous rock group and a scotch cocktail have in common?   Plenty in the hands of bar "Wizard" Alex Smith.  The Black Sabbath cocktail is a product of a past Laphroaig competition.  Its looks and name are meant to provoke emotional images both dark and mystical. The  deep velvety blood red beauty paired with kick-ass flavor intensity make a real impact,  like the heavy metal hard rock sound of its namesake.  An undeniably smoky undertone is pierced by the herbal intrigue of Absinthe, a liquor with its own rich mythological history. Whisky lovers of a peaty persuasion will find this concoction especially addictive.


Black Sabbath is a great example of the bar mastery of Alex Smith.  This beverage illustrates his "No Fear" approach to cocktail creation alongside an admonition not to take things too seriously and always have fun.  Known for his expertise with gin and tequila cocktails, Smith plied his craft at Smuggler's Cove and Gather before mastalex-smith2ering the Sherry collection at Gitane's in San Francisco.  Through it all, he's created his own signature with drinks that are surprising yet always tasty and well balanced. Smith is adamant that ultimately a bar keep must simply serve a drink that their customers will enjoy. 


He is currently delivering on that promise with the bar program at the Honor Bar in Emeryville, California.  This modern day roadhouse that  debuted in January of this year, has the sophistication of gourmet pub food combined with the comfortable atmophere of a neighborhood tavern.  Smith's creative cocktail menu is complemented by a respectable whiskey collection featuring American distilleries and a small but well rounded selection of scotch.


In his spare time, Smith is active in his community and loves to read and write.  When not working at the bar, researching the latest trends in the industry or competing, he uses his time honing a business plan to eventually open his own bar.  Smith is a bourbon drinker, who enjoys a good scotch.  We're glad he discovered one of Islay's best for this rowdy libation.  



Makes 1 drink


2 oz. Laphroaig 10 year old

1 oz Averna Amaro

4 dashes Absinthe

2 dashes Orange Bitters


Garnish:  Large curl of orange zest




Combine ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker, stir, strain, garnish, turn up the music and smile!


Scotch Whisky Cocktail - Hullabaloo PDF Print E-mail






 Mix with Glenfiddich

12 Year Old





Much hullabaloo would aptly describe the outcry of those scotch snobs who insist that their liquid gold shoud Never be mixed in a cocktail.  So how delightful to discover this Glenfiddich based  "Hullabaloo", a reinvented banana daiquiri that truly tests the versatility of whisky in a mixed drink.


Aussie bartended Jason Scott, challenged himself to have some fun with the most kitsch and maligned of mixed drink, the banana daiquiri.  Twisting its flavor profile, he created a tasty libation that will utterly surprise you.  It's unexpectedly delicious, not even close to how you would imagine the combination of bananas and scotch (if you could even imagine it). 


As an owner of Bramble Bar in Edinburgh, Scott's knowledge and reverence for whisky has to be undeniable.  It's practically a government mandate for local bars to showcase Scotland's nationaljas-scott spirit.  But it is his reputation for creating killer cocktails that has Scott and his establishment on every important World Bar Top Ten List.  He has even teamed up with Glenmorangie distillery to create "The Affinity", the first barrel aged and bottled scotch cocktail to be widely distributed.


Jason Scott left Australia in 1998 planning to backpack around the world, but quickly settled instead in Edinburgh.  Here he became entrenched in the world of hospitality as it was about to enter its first cocktail boom.  Compared to past careers of manipulating heavy equipment in the mining and steel industries, Scott found that crafting a drink was so much more personal and seductive.  This early flirtation has turned into a full time enterprise with Bramble Bar and now a second pub, The Last Word Saloon.


When asked about his approach to designing drinks for these two establishments, Scott glibly replies "Practice makes perfect, but don't practice on paying guests".  He loves the challenge of working with scotch, as it's a category of liquor that has so many flavor profiles.  He also believes that beautifully balanced whisky blends are too often overlooked in favor of single malts.  What trends in mixology are noteworthy?  Scott sites "The Japanese geekery applied to the ice in a drink, and the Mizuwari simplicity of theatre and ceremony that they lend to the craft". 


While work is his number one hobby, Scott is fond of riding motorbikes, playing guitar, reading comic books and raising his son.  Next up on his cocktail menu - brouhaha or katzenjammer?



Makes 1 drink


2 oz. Glenfiddich 12 year old

1 oz. Fresh bananna and cinnamon puree (see below)

1/2 tsp.  cinammon spice

1/2 oz lime juice

1/2 oz. vanilla sugar syrup (see below) - sugar, water, vanilla bean



Slices of bananna for garnish





Make the vanilla syrup and set aside.  Combine 1 lb of granulated sugar, 1 pint of water and 1 split vanilla pod in a saucepan.  Dissolve all sugar and bring to a boil, remove from heat and allow to cool. Store for other drinks.


Make the bananna puree:  mix 1 ripe bananna, 2 oz. water and 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon spice.  Blend to a smooth consistency. (Note that the spice is there mostly for aroma.)


Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake rapidly.  Double strain in to a glass and garnish with three bananna slices.



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