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Peach Habanero Whisky Glaze & BBQ Sauce

July and August are the best months for peaches.  We love the taste but hate the trouble of working with fresh fruit, so here's a way to borrow that summer flavor but skip the hard work.   This easy yet stunning glaze is perfect for pork tenderloin, or ribs.  It also will give some zip to that tired old chicken wing recipe. 


We also added this glaze and a bit more whisky to a cheap store bought BBQ Sauce to add a rich fruity flavor and give it more character. 


Of course, you wouldn't find this on our website if it didn't have whisky as a key ingredient.  Glenlivet's Nadurra gives it sweetness and notes of ginger to compliment the flavor of the peach preserves.


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3/4 cup minced sweet onion

Butter for browing onion

1 Fresh Habanero pepper (start with one, add more to taste)

1 1/2 cups of peach preserves

1/4 cup of Glenlivet Nadurra scotch or equal


BBQ Sauce:

Make the above Glaze first

Add it to 1 cup store bought BBQ Sauce

Add a bit more scotch, up to 1/4 cup




For the Glaze:  Finely chop onion and brown until just golden. Leave in pan.


With plastic gloves or some protection for your bare fingers, cut away stem and remove seeds from one small Habanero pepper.  These are quite potent so start with one.  Add chopped habanero to pan.


Add the peach preserves and whisky. On medium heat cook all ingredients until contents have the nice thick 

consistency of a glaze and contents are well blended. Taste and adjust with more habanero if desired. 


Strain mixture into a jar.  Be sure to press as many solids through your sieve as possible.  Use within three to four days.



Instead of straining glaze mixture into a jar, strain it into a new pot.  Add the store bought BBQ Sauce and a bit more whisky (up to 1/4 cup).  Cook on medium heat until the liquid cooks away and the sauce has a thick consistency.  Can be stored up to three to four days.


NOTES:  You might also try this glaze with Apricot Preserves or Orange Marmalade.


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