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Scotch Butterscotch Carrots

Give those veggies a little kick with this interesting twist to a traditional Thanksgiving side dish.  Glazed but not dazed (the alcohol cooks off), these carrots have just the right amount of zip.  Try this easy yet tasty recipe from our mixologist friend and chef Ethan Kaercher. 


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1 lb. baby carrots 


3 TBS. Butter

3 TBS. Brown sugar

3 TBS. Scotch (Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban port finish)

Black pepper

Pinch of kosher salt 







Clean baby carrots and pat them dry.  Pull out any that are too large or too tiny that they will not cook evenly. 


In a medium sauce pan heat the butter, brown sugar, salt and scotch over medium high heat until smooth.  Add carrots and toss to coat.  Cover and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes on low heat until done to the desired cruchiness or softness.  Stir occasionally so that all are evenly cooked.


Evan recommends that you sprinkle with pepper, but mine didn't need the extra seasoning. 


This recipe can be made in advance (recommend that you slightly undercook) then quicky reheated just before serving with an extra splash of scotch.


Add a sprig or two of parsely to brighten the plate.


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