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Whisky Pairing



Auchentoshan Three Wood 



Don't just use it in your marinade...enjoy a sip or two along the way. 



Auchentoshan Marinated Tri-Tip

Enough marinade for one 2.75 - 3 lb. Tri Tip


Auchentoshan adds a wonderful depth of flavor and juiciness to this inexpensive cut of meat. 



1/3 cup Auchentoshan Three Wood or other favorite whisky

1/3 cup good quality olive oil

1 tsp. brown sugar

2 tbl. reduced sodium soy sauce

1 tbl. Lee & Perrins Worcestershire sauce

2 tbl. herbs such as thyme, sweet marjoram, savory, lemon verbena & parsley (finely chopped)

Fresh cracked pepper 


2.75 - 3 lb. Tri-Tip Roast


Parsley or other greens for garnish 

Individuals may want to add salt to taste after roasting






Recipe works best if Tri-Tip sits in marinade at least overnight.


Whisk Auchentoshan and olive oil together until well blended.  Add all other marinade ingredients and blend well.  Bathe Tri-Tip roast in marinade in a large zip lock bag overnight.  Turn every couple of hours to distribute marinade.


When ready to cook, let meat stand at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes to shorten cook time.  Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees or set grill to medium-high heat.   Drain the marinade.  If using the oven method, set your tri-tip fat side up.  Cook 20 minutes or less until meat registers 125 degrees in the thick part of the roast and 150 degrees around the edges.  This will give you medium rare in the middle of the roast.   Cook until internal temperature reaches 135 degrees for a medium roast (additional 5 - 10 minutes).


If using a grill, set it up for indirect cooking over medium-high heat and cook about 15 minutes per side, watching it closely with the meat thermometer after the first 15 minutes. 


When done to your liking, let roast rest for a few minutes on your carving board before slicing so that it will retain its juices. Garnish plate with parsley or other beautiful greens. Serve with a horseradish sour cream sauce, or add Auchentoshan to store bought Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce for another tasty condiment for this roast.


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