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A wonderful experience happens when you pair your favorite dram with quality chocolate.  An intense new combined flavor emerges along with the devilishly silky mouth feel that results when fatty cocoa meets warming whisky. Here at Sip Smoke Savor, we regularly encounter this decadence in our pursuit of the perfect pairing.  A good match is not only harmonious in flavor but contributes a fudgey, gooey or crunchy texture for added sensation.  Often a taste note in the bon-bon will accentuate a flavor note in that scotch that might otherwised be missed.  Sometimes a particular combination will have unexpected flavor simpatico.  Then there's the chocolatier that has infused their chocolate confection with whiskey for what simply amounts to tastedbud nivana with each bite.


In our pursuit of the perfect pairing we have fallen in love with all combinations of chocolate and whisky. So in addition to the many Chuao Chocolatier pairings that can be found throughout our site, we deliver this page as a salute to all the artisans who are experimenting with our favorite spirit.  Soon to be "The Definitive" collection of intoxicated treats, we will be adding to this page over the next few months, as fast as we can sample. So stay tuned to what promises to be a sweet ride.


chuao-whisky-collection twice-the-vice-malt-bonbons

Chuao Chocolatiers

Whisky Collection

Twice The Vice

Single Malt Collection


Whisky Pairing Collection

The proper pronounciation of their name "Chew-WOW" says it all and you will find their bonbon matches to single malts, throughout our website. As the result of these pairings, we've settled on a  convenient collection of six confections to pair with a wide range of scotches.


These spirited bonbons are filled with potently infused ganache in flavors of Macallan, Glenlivet, Lagavulin and Tomatin. Said to carry the highest alcohol allowed, their website encourages you to "Enjoy Irresponsibly".

Created to pair with both scotch and bourbons, Recchiuitti offers three flavors of bonbons designed to accentuate the notes of each whiskey.  They've  added pairing notes in each box for your convenience.

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Chuao's Whiskey Collection

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Fran's Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Poco Dolce

Whiskey Box


Mash Bill Truffles

With over 25 years experience, Seattle's Master Chocolatier Fran Bigelow knows a thing or two about Truffles. She caught our attention by including two infused with McCarthy's Oregon single malt whiskey in her top collection.
Like a sip of Irish Whiskey in each bite.  Creamy ganache is infused with spirits then enrobed in rich chocolate with 9 to a box. These dark shiny treats are both elegant and tasty.
This assortment of truffles will satisfy any taste, whether you like Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey or Stout.  Our favorite of course, is the Bruchladich Port Charlotte flavored chocolate.
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John and Kira

Chocolate Whiskey Figs

Lillie Belle Farms

Whiskey in the Bar

Cocoa Dolce

Cocktail Collection

These Spanish Figs are stuffed with whiskey flavored ganache then dipped in chocolate for good measure.
We vote this the best way to enjoy
your daily serving of fruit.
Winner of the award for most ingenious use of whiskey barrels.  Lillie Belle ages its chocolate in charred oak barrels for the wonderful flavor of this confection.  Now we think that's recycling at its finest.
Cava, Port and Stout - oh my!
As equal opportunties imbibers, we love this collection of 9 spirited infusions from Cocoa Dolce.  Our favorite or course is the Glenmorangie Sherrywood Ganache.

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Please contact us if you know of any amazing chocolate whisky treats that should be displayed on this page.

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