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A Nicaraguan puro created by Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia and produced in Pepin's Nicaraguan factory Tabaclera Cubana.  Earthy, sweet and spicy, a very pleasant and relaxing smoke.


Love those corojo wrappers, very inviting with that cinnamon brown color, small veins, a triple cap, and a simple thin band. The stick is firm with no soft spots.


The smell is of mild tobacco. A clean clip and a cold draw gives a flavor a sweet, mild tobacco. The draw is firm, but not excessively tight.



The cigar kept a pretty even burn, assisted by rotating the cigar. The ash was white and hung on for about an inch.  


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Love the initial earthiness with developing spices. Some pepper comes and goes through the first third and the Havana VI stays pretty much in the mild to medium range. The aroma of this cigar is also very enjoyable, sort of a peppery spice that fills the room.


Reaching the second third of the Havana VI, the spices continue to develop with the addition of notes of vanilla, cherry and a gingerbread sweetness. The strength also moves more into the medium to full range.


As the final third is reached, the spice is really building in the back of the mouth, but is very pleasant, not harsh. The cigar reaches it's fullest level here but still remains smooth. Overall, a very enjoyable smoke with complex flavor profile that is very entertaining.




93 by Cigar Aficionado



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Nicaragua Corojo 99               

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