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Rocky Patel's Olde World Reserve is a rich, full-bodied smoking experience that combines the smooth complexity of the Vintage series, with the earthy strength of The Edge. The top of the line for Rocky Patel, the OWR utilizes extra fermented wrappers to smoothly blend the many flavor notes on the palate.


The OWR is a well dressed beautiful cigar. Adorned in a gold and cream band that contrasts well with the dark maduro wrapper, the cigar is also sleeved in a tissue paper with gold speckles and a gold RP logo. Removing the sleeve reveals the dark, smooth, oily wrapper. Please do not smoke with the sleeve on!

As usual with a Rocky Patel, the construction is excellent, well packed and firm to the touch. The box press makes it appear very elegant. A light sweet scent is noticeable on the wrapper, and the foot is more earthy.


After a clean clip, the draw is sweet and excellent.



The cigar does take some effort to lit and get an even burn, but once lit, no touchups are required.  We found the burn to waver slightly, but was mostly self-correcting.  The medium gray ash holds on well, and is the typical swirly stack.


The FlavorOWR-Band
No pepper here, the OWR is a flavorful blend of earth and leather with a slight sweetness right from the initial draw. The mouth fills with smooth, thick, cool smoke and the flavors settle into a mix of nuttiness, wood and the leathery base. Sweet dark fruits appear on the palate and in the aroma, and create a rich and complex taste experience. This cigar is medium strength, smooth and incredibly well balanced throughout the first two-thirds of the smoking experience. 


Arriving at the final third of the stick, the flavor range transitions again into deeper dark cacao and espresso notes, adding more depth to the flavor profile. While becoming stronger at the end, the OWR is not overpowering by any means.


Our final take is that the Olde World Reserve is beautifully blended, providing the smoker with a flavor experience that is rich and rewarding. 




92 by Cigar Aficionado, also

#8 of Top 25 for 2009



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Costa Rican Maduro

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