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Searching for a rich taste that is not found in any other premium cigar, Daniel Nunez discovered the Honduran wrapper in the fertile San Agustin Valley. This wrapper produces the spicy taste with hints of cinnamon, and leaves a beautiful white ash.


One can't really say enough about this wrapper - it is a beauty. Reddish brown, with fine veins and an oily sheen the wrapper just looks rich and full of flavor. The construction of the stick is very good with a firm feel and it is well balanced. No problems on the draw from our cigars, but a tight draw has been noted by others.



As previously mentioned, the cigar produces a white ash and large volumes of exquisitely spicy smoke. And while the wrapper produces this great flavor, it also can be the cause of some uneven burning. Just make sure you rotate the cigar as you smoke it to help even it out.


The FlavorPartagas-Logo
We were expecting a medium smoke with some spiciness, and we got much more than that. This cigar is rich, complex and flavorful. Cinnamon and chocolate flavors hit you in the first third, once the cigar warms up. There is a deep woody background which begins in the middle and carries through to the end. The cinnamon flavor at times will also have a peppery edge to the sweetness, adding another layer. A somewhat dry finish is noted, but that is what the scotch is for, right?


The Spanish Rosado is a smooth, rich cigar that is definitely worth trying, if just for its unusual flavor.




Dominican Republic


90 by Cigar Aficionado



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Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico


Connecticut Broadleaf


Honduras San Agustin

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