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Robusto Extra

Man when you roll this black beauty out of its tube, novice smokers run and hide, while others just stare with jaw-dropping awe. It is truly an imposing scary black cigar.  It is a meal in itself, all wrapped up in a tightly bound stick. But once you commit to this cigar, you won't be disappointed, it is a great ride full of flavor.


The wrappers are darker, heavier and richer because they are harvested only after they have aged, on the plant, longer. Wrapped around a somewhat lumpy blend, they smell of compost, tobacco and dark coffee.


Partagas has a reputation for well constructed cigars, and the Maximo is no different. All the wrapper edges were sealed tight and the cap was well attached. Upon clipping the cap, a cold pull on the cigar exhibited a firm, but good draw, and a strong tobacco flavor. The cigar is salty on the lips.



Burn characteristics of this cigar are very good, even and slow burning.


The FlavorPartagas-Logo
The first few draws of the cigar were certainly peppery, but rich and deep, not hot. Hearty coffee and earth form the mainstay flavors of the Black Label, with some definite char and bitter chocolate notes. The first Black Label I ever had had a flavor like a grilled steak, very meaty and peppery. I have not been able to duplicate that experience with others, but man was that good!


As the cigar leisurely progressed, the flavors soften, and the pepper fades. By the middle, the espresso and earth is complex with nuances of cedar, peppercorn, and dark chocolate. This is a full bodied smoke and remains so from beginning to end, so make sure you are ready for it. But it is a smooth cigar, and some aging in the humidor will also make them smoother and mellower.


So have a fine meal, find a comfy spot, grab a dram or two of your favorite whisky, and plan on spending about an hour and a half wrapped up in one of the richest, most flavorful smoking experiences out there. The Black Label is one fine smoke, not at all as scary as it looks.


Dominican Republic


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Nicaragua Ligero and Piloto Cubano Ligero


Dominican Republic La Vega Especial


USA Connecticut Medio Tiempo

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