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Corona Gorda

Finally, from one of the foremost tobacco experts behind the scenes of General Cigar and Tabacalera de Espana comes a masterful, well blended cigar filled with flavor.  Benji Menendez has crafted a masterpiece, bearing his signature on the label, that is one of the best Dominican Partagas available today.  This limited edition, only 5,000 boxes will be released,  is a must try before they disappear.


Inspecting this cigar pre-light, it is apparent that it is well constructed.  The dark, oily Cameroon wrapper is seamless, with small veining throughout, giving the cigar an overall smooth appearance. It is also packed firmly and capped with a triple cap.


A sweet, spicy, earthy scent exudes from the wrapper.  The well formed cap clips cleanly, and a cold pull gives an earthy flavor and shows off the excellent draw characteristics of the stick.



Easily lit, this cigar gives off great quantities of aromatic smoke.  Burn characteristics are slow and even, leaving a gray, flaky ash. 


The FlavorBenji-Master-Series-Band
Initial impressions of the Majestuoso are of a peppery nuttiness.  There are woody notes on the finish.  The pepper subsides quickly enough though, and a wood base emerges building towards a medium strength.  Mr. Menendez has indicated in numerous interviews that what he wants from a cigar is flavor and not excessive strength, and so this blend is designed to provide just that.


Towards the middle, spices appear in the flavor profile giving hints of cinnamon and licorice.  The base continues through to the end with spices re-appearing occasionally, and a mild pepper in the finish becoming noticeable.


While some may find this cigar unappealing and boring, others will note that it is balanced and complex enough to make for an interesting and enjoyable smoking experience.  This is a great cigar to relax with, especially when paired with a great single malt.  We hope that we will see more blends from Benji Menendez in the future.


Dominican Republic


2009 #15 by Cigar Aficionado



Ring Gauge:



Piloto Cubano Dominican Republic; ligero (Esteli), leaf (Ometepe) Nicaragua


Habano Connecticut



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