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The Signature 1932 was created by Ernesto Padilla as a tribute to his fatther Heberto Padilla, a well known Cuban writer and poet.  A Nicaraguan puro, this cigar features a gorgeous corojo wrapper, and was originally blended and manufactured by José Pepin Garcia for Padilla.


Inside that beautiful wrapper lies a flavorful blend of Nicaraguan criollo binder and Cuban-seed filler.
  The cigar is firm to the touch and expertly constructed, with a triple cap.


A light compost scent is noticeable from the wrapper, but the foot smells deliciously of chocolate.  A cold draw after the clip produces more chocolatey goodness as well as a perfect draw.



This cigar tends to have a flaky, messy ash, but this baby puts out huge clouds of smoke with just the slightest draw. Very creamy and smooth, the 1932 always burned cool.


The Flavorpadilla1932logo

The flavors in this full bodied cigar are nothing less than delicious. With an initial flavor of sweet wood (cedar) and the Pepin trademark pepper, the Signature 1932 reveals its depth slowly, offering nuts, coffee, cocoa and leather accents as the cigar progresses.


Creamier flavors appear in the middle, while the cigar still produces voluminous clouds of smoke. Never harsh, the smoke has a long, dry finish. 


As an ending note, a peppery spice reappears. We found the Signature 1932 to be a balanced, complex and enjoyable smoke from start to finish.




88 by Cigar Aficionado



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Nicaragua Cuban-seed


Nicaragua Criollo


Nicaragua Corojo

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