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Often referred to as a "newbie" cigar, the Macanudo has long been associated with mildness, with some smokers even labeling them flavorless. But just as there is a place for light beers, Macanudo has filled the niche for light flavored, mild cigars since the early 1900's. And with consistent high quality construction and double aged tobacco, the Macanudo is a very good smoke.


The Duke of York is one of 24 vitolas in the Café series. Originally produced in Cuba, then Jamaica, the principal market for Macanudo by the 1930's was the United Kingdom, thus explaining the rather British names to many of the cigars in this series. After acquiring Macanudo in 1964, General Cigar moved the production to the Dominican Republic and kept the Café series as the mildest cigars in the portfolio due to their continuing popularity. Several other series were added to the Macanudo portfolio to follow the trend toward stronger, more flavorful cigars. 


A light golden brown wrapper adorns this firm, well constructed cigar, and is consistent, with small veins and a noticeably large cap.  A sweet earthy smell is apparent from the wrapper and a cold draw after the clip shows a just a little resistance.



Given the fine construction, one would expect a true, even burn. However, that is not the case with this cigar, and while the burn wasn't wild, it did require some attention to keep it even.


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True to form, the Duke of York is a mellow, mild smoke. From beginning to end the cigar flavor is very consistent - a mild nuttiness with a sweet finish.  The cigar does get a bit creamier in the middle, but the flavor profile remains pretty much the same. It is an enjoyable flavor though and does not get tiresome or too boring.


The cigar is well constructed with an excellent draw and puts out lots of dense smoke as well.


As a match to a lighter beer or whisky, the Duke of York would be a good choice or as an early in the day alternative smoke.




Dominican Republic





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Dominican Republic Piloto Cubano, Mexico


Mexico San Andreas


Connecticut Shade

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