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Double Corona or Churchill

Introduced in 2008, this Ernesto Perez-Carillo creation is the highlight of his career at La Gloria Cubana. A small batch boutique cigar made by only ten rollers in the factory, this tobacco blend allegedly took 6 years and numerous recipes to create. 


With a beautiful reddish brown, slightly oily wrapper, this cigar looks fabulous. The vintage band adds an elegant touch to the well constructed stick. The feel of the cigar is firm and the cap clips cleanly.


A cold draw presents a mild resistance and a light spice flavor.



Well burning with no touchups necessary are the hallmark of a well made cigar, and the Elegante is definitely in that category. A nice volume of white smoke is produced and the ash remains fairly tight.


The Flavorlgc-logo
A delicate cigar in its flavor presentation, the Elegante is subtle but complex. With a woody beginning and a tingle of spice, this cigar is light and clean. Floral, coffee notes are present along with the spice. There is an overall sweetness present along with a toasty aroma.


Creamy, caramel and spice flavors appear in the middle as the cigar mellows out a bit. But the flavor builds again towards the end of the smoke and the body reaches it fullest in the last third.


The Elegante is a classy, reserved cigar best enjoyed by those that can appreciate the delicate combination of flavors. In a cigar world now dominated by strong, peppery, in-your-face smokes, the Artesanos is a refreshing, elegant alternative.


United States, Miami, Florida


92 by Cigar Aficionado, #9 in the CA Top Cigars of 2008



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Dominican Republic, Nicaragua


Ecuador Sumatra



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