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No. 1

While La Flor Dominicana and Litto Gomez are possible better known for their strong, full flavored cigars. Their experimentation with tobaccos and blends also produce very rich, complex cigars as well. The Cameroon Cabinet series is one such cigar. Utilizing only aged Cameroon ligero leaves for the wrapper, Gomez has woven a very interesting and flavorful combination of tobaccos into another award winning smoke.


At first glance, especially if bought un-banded, this cigar is very un-assuming. The wrapper is a bit rough looking, leafy and with some prominent veins. And while the construction is solid and tight, with seams barely visible, the stick is somewhat soft when pinched. The wrapper smells of cold autumn leaves and cedar, with some chocolate at the foot.



Once lit, this cigar burns like a champ. A fine burn line, super-even throughout the entire length is to be expected from this cigar.  A good volume of smoke is created and the ash is a nice tight furrowed dark-gray that holds on well for about an inch. The smoke is aromatic and sweet.


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We have seen several reviews of flavors which are quite different. Some indicate molasses, sweetness, wood and wheat, while others detect roasted nuts, citrus, cedar, pepper, leather and earth.


We tend to be more in the second camp with the flavors. We know the cigar will have a sweet and spice flavor to it from the Cameroon wrapper. But we also noted an interesting sour-sweet flavor in the early stages of the cigar, a bit like citrus and cedar. It was very pleasant on the palate though and made for a nice departure in the routine.


Towards the end, the sour note fades into milder flavors and gets covered by a leathery, earthy sweetness. The Cameroon Cabinet just has great flavors and smooth transitions, and is a solid smoke.


This is a limited edition cigar, so get it while you can. It is a must have.


Dominican Republic


88 -  Cigar Aficionado (No. 4 vitola)


88 - Cigar Insider (No. 5 vitola)



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Dominican Republic & Nicaragua


Dominican Republic



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