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Initially released in limited quantities around the time of the Illusione ~mk~ release, the mk ~ultra~ is stronger than the original line. The blend was modified a bit and then re-released in 2011, also in limited quantities.



The MK ultra is adorned with a fantastic, dark chocolate colored corojo wrapper. The cigar is also firm, well constructed, and topped with a classic triple cap.


 Aromas from the wrapper and foot include sweet chocolate, dark cherries, tanned leather and an odor of damp, dark earth. The profile is similar to the rest of the Illusione line, but deeper.


The cap clips cleanly off and a puff on the cold stick exhibits a clean draw and flavors of cocoa and spice.



While easily toasted and fired up, the addition of extra ligero to the filler in the "ultra" line seems to complicate the burn a bit. The dark gray ash was very flaky, and the cigar required relighting several times throughout the smoke.


The Flavorillusione-mkultra-box
Full bodied from the start, the initial flavor profile includes dark bitter chocolate, leather, dark fruit (cherry?), and a mild peppery spice on the retrohale.


While strong, the mk ultra seems balanced in the first third, with flavors rolling around on the palate.


Mid-smoke the flavors remain very full and strong, with some darker herbal spice coming to the foreground. The chocolate and fruit notes remain in the profile, with trailing coffee.


Finally, some bitterness crept in, especially if puffed too quickly, but all of the core flavors remained to the end. The cigar smoked cool down to the nub and remained strong and flavorful.


We found the mk ultra to be a great addition to the Illusione brand, offering darker, stronger flavors and a bit more strength.


At this time only the Corona vitola is available, but plans for additional sizes are in the future.







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Nicaragua Corojo

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