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The Illusione brand cigars are made from regenerated prized tobacco fields of the Jalapa Valley and Esteli in Nicaragua. They are also small batch cigars made with the finest ingredients, and by the finest torcedors. There is also a story line behind the naming of these cigars, but too long to put here. Go to for more information about the background.


The "2" is a high quality hand made cigar. A beauty of a rosado wrapper, slightly oily, fine veining, covers the "2", and exudes an earthy, spicy aroma. The cigar is firm, well constructed and feels good in the hand. The band is simple and clean, black and white, and the triple cap is perfectly applied. 


A clip of the cap and a cold draw produces just enough resistance and a sweet, spicy tobacco flavor.



After toasting and lighting, the "2" burned pretty well unless it was rushed, then the line tended to waver, but never needed touching up. The gray ash held pretty tight and there was not a lot of smoke.  


The Flavorillusione_logo
This cigar did not begin with a blast of pepper unlike many others. What I did get was a base leather flavor, with some chocolate nuttiness. Maybe some coffee notes in the background and the beginnings of that odd spice note that no-one seems to be able to identify.


As the cigar progressed, the spice developed along with the strength.  Some pepper, like a sweet-smoky cayenne appears in the middle and is most prominent on the tip of the tongue. The leathery coffee background continues on to the end from here.


As the burn line neared the nub, some flashes of cedar appeared in the flavor profile and kept the cigar evolving and changing. The Illusione 2 compares with many of the Pepin cigars in flavor development and construction, and adds its own twist to make it unique. Somewhat difficult to find, but well worth it.




2007 #7 by Cigar Aficionado



Ring Gauge:



Nicaragua Corojo '99, Criollo '98




Nicaragua Rosado Oscuro Corojo

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Suggested Single Malt Pairing

Bruichladdich Resurrection Dram 2001

The unusual smoky, sweet, peppery flavor in the Illusione interacts well with the peat, medicinal, and herbal flavors in the Resurrection Dram. Both malt and cigar are moderately strong in flavor as well, so neither overpowers the other.

Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao - Candela (Smokey Macadamia)

The smoky chipotle chile and macadamia nut praline match perfectly the spice and nuttiness of the Illusione. Click here to purchase.



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