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Every so often, a certain brand rises to the top and takes it's place in cigar history. Prior to the late 1990's, most of the top ranked cigars were Cubans- the likes of Partagas Series D No. 4, or Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, or Cohiba Esplendido. But the Fuente OpusX reached that status in 2000, and irrespective of all the hype and mystique, it did it with near perfect taste and quality and all Dominican tobaccos. This was a first, because up until then, no Dominican wrapper had been successfully produced on the island.


The rare shade grown wrapper on this cigar is gorgeous. It is a medium brown with just a blush of rosado, an oily sheen and no obtrusive veining at all. The cigar is impeccably constructed and is extremely solid and firm.


A clip of the well attached triple cap produces a slightly tight draw and a sweet spicy leathery flavor.



Take the time to toast and light this cigar evenly, and it will reward you with a pretty even burn for the entire smoke. It produces a pleasant resting smoke and a sturdy whitish gray ash.


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Wonderful flavors begin to unfold right away with a moderate strength, and gradually increase to full strength after about an inch.  A leathery flavor provides the backdrop for cedar, dried fruits, and pepper notes that sprinkle in and out of the smoke.


Some earthiness and cocoa notes appear in the middle of the cigar to darken and complicate the background flavor slightly, but the cigar still remains balanced and full. The finish lengthens as the cigar progresses and is of leather and cedar. This is one cigar you will want to smoke to the nub.


Due to limited production of the wrapper leaf, these cigars are in short supply and prices will vary widely. Also note that each size has differences in flavor and aroma, so your experience will vary. Many will say that the cigar is not worth the hype and expense, but we believe it is a fantastic smoke and worth trying at least once.


Dominican Republic


95 by Cigar Aficionado



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Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

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