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Reborn in Honduras by Frank Llaneza and Estelo Padron after the Castro takeover, the original El Rey del Mundo goes back to 1882. Thats a lot of history to live up to and the cigar that carries the founders name does just that. Available in both natural (reviewed here) and maduro, this cigar shows off the fabulous blend of Honduran tobaccos, and the excellent construction practices that have made ERDM a classic cigar over the years.


This stick really shows off the torcedor's skill, as pyramids are one of the most difficult shapes to make in a cigar. The wrapper, a light leathery brown color, seemed a little thin, but was uniform and with little veining. The stick seemed a little soft in spots, but overall was well constructed with a triple cap.



Once lit, the Flor burned fairly evenly and produced a white smoke and fairly tight white ash. A firm draw was evident after the clip, though it seemed to loosen up as the smoke progressed.


The Flavorelreydelmundoflordellaneza-
The Flor de Llaneza is a classic mild to medium cigar, similar to a Macanudo in that it produces that toasty-nutty flavor and is pretty consistent throughout the smoke. But the Flor also adds some leathery and herbal - floral notes that are quite distinctive. There is some spice on the finish - which we labeled clove - and a dramatically dry finish as well.


The complexity of this cigar is worth checking out, though you really have to concentrate to pick the individual flavors out. A little hard to get, and the El Rey del Mundo brand is not hyped as much as others, but this is a classic smoke in either the natural or the maduro wrapper.




91 by Cigar Aficionado



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This Island single malt has delicate floral, honey and malt flavors that harmonize with the Flor de Llaneza. Its light, long and dry finish is also similar. Just a great overall matchup you need to try.

Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao -Miel (Nut & Honeylicious)

Keep it light and sweet, you don't want to overpower this combination.  Click here to purchase.



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