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The Exodus 1959 commemorates the exodus of expert Cuban cigar families and their impact on the cigar industry after the nationalization of all tobacco farms and cigar factories by the Cuban government in 1959. The Toraños were one of those families. This cigar has rich and bold flavors with a dynamic blend of tobaccos from five different countries.


A rich, dark cigar, the Exodus exhibited very few veins in the wrapper, which was also oily and smooth.  The cigar felt well packed and firm. A cold draw after the clip showed good air flow and tasted lightly of spice.



Not always known for an even burn, our Exodus torpedo wavered somewhat and required a couple of touch ups, but there were no serious construction defects. 


The FlavorCT-Exodus-Band

Wow, you really know it when this five country tobacco blend starts to kick in. Flavor after flavor comes through this cigar in waves. With lots of smoke billowing out, in the first third there were tastes of dark chocolate with black cherry and some spice. There were more flavors in the background as well, but were hard to put a name to.


The middle third of the Exodus became more medium strength and mellowed out with the chocolate notes consistent but more creamy.


The final third maintained that creamy chocolate with some spiciness redeveloping. The five country blend really makes this cigar complex and flavorful. The Exodus 1959 is a must try, as it is the best of Carlos Torano to date that we have tried.




Top 5 in 2006 by Cigar Aficionado



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Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica





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Suggested Single Malt Pairing

Highland Park 18

The Highland Park just goes so well with this cigar. The Exodus enhanced the cherry/fruit flavors in the malt, and turns the honey flavor more vanilla sweet. Also, the aromas in the smoke create a pleasant backdrop while sipping the malt.


Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao - Dark Griggnotine (Citrus Crunch)

The nutty grignottine adds some textural character to this trio and the orange zest pulls that fruit note out more in the malt. Click here to purchase.



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