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CAO Lx2 ("Ligero Times Two) is the third and final installment to the CAO "x2" trilogy. This ligero-heavy powerhouse possesses a full-bodied flavor profile and was inspired by tobacco grown on the 140-acre "Pueblo Nuevo" farm located just outside of Condega, Nicaragua.


This was one of the more interesting and good looking cigars we have seen. The Lx2 possessed a dark, oily wrapper that was deep brown with a reddish hue and was mottled with black throughout. A very cool double band adorned the cigar with a tatoo inspired motif ... very masculine. 


The scent off the wrapper was very earthy and of compost, more so at the foot.  A clip and cold draw also produced an earthiness, with just a bit of pepper and sweetness. The draw was excellent.



We got lots of smoke off this puppy, and the resting smoke smelled wonderful.  A wavering burn could be offset by rotating the cigar and it would even itself out.


The FlavorCAO-LX2-Band
As expected, the Lx2 began with a burst of pepper, but then mellowed right out into a creamy, nutty flavor with some coffee notes. A bit of sweet cinnamon began to appear near the end of the first third of the cigar.


By the second third the Lx2 had sweetened considerably. The pepper faded into the background completely and an interesting graham cracker flavor appeared alongside the cinnamon which continued throughout this section. We would consider this cigar a medium strength, and was very smooth. Late in this section, the cinnamon morphed into more of a cedar flavor briefly.


In the final leg, the strength increased to medium-full, but still remained smooth. The cinnamon spice returned, and the background flavor deepened to become a dark earthy chocolate. A very nice finish.


While the name may connote a strong single-flavored cigar, the final impression is of a cigar full of flavor development and complexity. Well done CAO!




91 by Cigar Aficionado



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Nicaragua (Pueblo Nuevo), Dominican Republic





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