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This first-ever triple maduro cigar is the result of almost a full years work blending five different maduro varieties to get the burn characteristics to work out, and to get it to taste right. If you like chocolatey maduro flavors, this cigar gives it in spades!


Cloaked in a very dark wrapper and offset by a silver band, this cigar is handsome. The wrapper has an oily sheen with medium sized veins, but is otherwise relatively smooth. The construction appears excellent, the cigar itself is slightly spongy. If you look at the foot, you can notice a swirling of different colored tobacco in the cigar.


One would think that the unlit cigar would smell sweet, but all we got from the wrapper was the smell of tobacco, or autumn leaves. The foot does give off a more coffeeish scent though.


After the clip, a cold draw produces a flavor of mature tobacco with some chocolate, and interestingly, the wrapper is salty on the lips. The draw has moderate resistance.



Once lit, the Triple Maduro produces a lot of flavorful, thick smoke. With an all maduro cigar, we expected the burn line to be a bit ragged, which it was, and you may have to touch up this cigar more than once. But it is well worth it for the flavor experience.


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Initially the Triple Maduro produces coffee and chocolate flavors as expected, but it has an earthiness to it that makes it deeper and more interesting. The smoke is nice and thick and coats the mouth with a creamy finish. It is a strong cigar with a full body and it takes a little adjustment to take in all the flavors. (This is where a nice single malt will help.)


As the burnline crazily advances, the flavors change a bit, adding a nutty flavor to the coffee/chocolate mix.  On the finish, maybe a little licorice or anise appears in the background. But wow, a lot of strength is building and I know I am heading for a nicotine buzz.


Into the final third, the coffee and chocolate lessen, and the nuttiness continues on, though the smoke gets a bit harsh and biting. I did notice that at times the chocolate flavor would appear very strong and sweet for a few seconds, and then fade slightly back into the earthier side. The flavors in this cigar are complex and have a lot of depth to them. This is not like smoking a flavored cigar and that is what keeps it interesting. If you can handle the strength, this is an enjoyable cigar with a nice pairing and after a good meal.




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Honduras Maduro


Honduras Maduro


Honduras Maduro

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Suggested Single Malt Pairing

Ardbeg Alligator Committee Reserve

The Camacho Triple Maduro is made for this single malt. Both are strong on their own, but they temper each other when brought together. The creamy finish of the Camacho serves to soften the alcohol attack, and likewise the sugars in the Ardbeg help blunt the strength and nicotine of the cigar. The way these flavors combine is a whole story in itself. Check out our August 2011 featured pairing for more on this combination.

Suggested Chocolate Pairing

Chuao -

In the queue for pairing.



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