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Another new cigar for 2009, the SCR or Select Cabinet Reserve is a variation on a theme for Alec Bradley. Using the second priming of the Trojes wrapper leaf, Alan Rubin, president of Alec Bradley, was able to maintain the flavor and complexity of their Tempus line, but drop the strength down to produce a slightly milder version. The result  - full flavor, medium strength and another winner for Mr. Rubin.

The SCR's wrapper is indeed a beauty, with a reddish tinge and minimal veining, it is tightly wrapped around the filler and binder. Ordinarily a tight packing and wrap would mean a draw that was too firm, but with high construction standards, the SCR exhibits a moderately firm draw which in no way diminishes the smoking experience.

A cedary scent exudes from the wrapper, along with an earthy aroma. The well constructed triple cap head clips cleanly, and a cold draw gives a sweetish flavor.


The burn of the SCR is even and consistent, with a moderate burn line. The resulting ash is light gray and remains firmly attached.

The Flavorab-scr-band
Similar to the Tempus, the SCR is a sweet cigar from first to last puff. Initial flavors are rich, dark coffee and leather with a touch of spice and a sweetness on the finish. Clouds of smoke billow from the cigar and are nicely aromatic.

These flavors remain pretty consistent throughout the smoke but are very tasty and not tiring. As the burn progresses into the middle and final thirds, the stronger notes of coffee drop off and a creaminess develops, adding to the sweetness.

Throughout the ninety minute experience,  the smoke remains cool, smooth and complex. The flavors are never harsh or bitter and the cigar strength remains in the medium range.

It should be noted that other vitolas in the brand provide different smoking experiences, with the corona providing sharper flavors and more pepper, and the robusto maintaining the smoother, more balanced flavor range. Either way, the SCR remains another successful blend for Alec Bradley and is definitely worth trying for yourself.






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Nicaragua, Honduras


Trojes, Honduras Indonesia Embetunada


Trojes, Honduras

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