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A wonderful experience happens when you pair your favorite dram with quality chocolate.  An intense new combined flavor emerges along with the devilishly silky mouth feel that results when fatty cocoa meets warming whisky. Here at Sip Smoke Savor, we regularly encounter this decadence in our pursuit of the perfect pairing.  A good match is not only harmonious in flavor but contributes a fudgey, gooey or crunchy texture for added sensation.  Often a taste note in the bon-bon will accentuate a flavor note in the scotch, that might otherwised be missed.  Sometimes a particular combination will have unexpected flavor simpatico.  When paired properly, this simple indulgence always amounts to tastebud nirvana.


We've made pairing easy for you!  Below is an assortment of eight Chuao Chocolatier confections that bring out the best in a wide range of single malt whiskies. Use our recommendations below for each bon bon in this sampler. Click on the highlighted whisky name to see why we suggest this specific treat and to discover the companion cigar match for the pair. 


Is your favorite dram missing from the list below? Just refer to our library of tasting notes for over 90 whiskies to find each specific match.  


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The Darkest

 ( Formerly Gran Cacao)


(Formerly Java)

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Chuao Chocolatier.

Sumptuous and fudgey its luxurious bittersweet filling, provides a most 
decadent treat when paired with The Balvenie 21 year old Portwood or  Bunnahabhain XVIII expressions.
Mocha's rich buttercream filling makes for an indulgent pairing that brings out the roasted coffee notes in expressions such as Glenmorangie's Signet or a Bunnahabhain 12 year old.








Salt Butter Carmel

( Formerly Melao)

Nut & Honeylicious

 (Formerly Miel)

Smoky Macadamia

(Formerly Candela)

Salt caramel and milk chocolate make a great flavor partner with bourbon cask matured scotches such as The Dalmore 12 year old or Longmorn 16 year old.
This honey sweetened almond & hazlenut  chocolate covered praline, compliments the sweet nuttiness of Highland malts such as Dalwhinnie 15 year old and Glenmorangie's
Nectar d' Or.
The chipotle spice in this delicious Macadamia nut praline, unexpectedly accentuates the famous smokiness of Islay whiskies such as Ardbeg's Uigeadail and Bruchladdich's 2001
Resurrection Dram.







Citrus Crunch

(Dark Grignottine)


Meyer Lemon Mojito

( Formerly Le Citron)

This dark chocolate with caramelized orange peel, makes a great flavor companion with sherried scotches such as Amrut's Fusion, The Macallan 12 year old or Glendronach's Revival.
The jaminess of this filling is just exquisite with any berry rich spirit, such as Bruchladdich's 16 year old Chateau Haut Brion matured dram or the Amrut Portonova scotch.
The wonderfully gooey Meyer lemon caramel of this Milk Chocolate bon bon  highlights the citrus freshness of scotches such as Glenkinchie 12 year old and the Hazleburn 8 year old.






* Click on the highlighted text to see the tasting notes for each specific scotch and its matching cigar and chocolate.

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